ShipIt Service Terms and Conditions

Updated as of July 7, 2022

The ShipIt parcel delivery service (ShipIt) is offered by 1Export Trade and Services, Inc. (1Export) as an international door to door parcel delivery service. In tendering the parcel for carriage, the undersigned Customer agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:



1.1.1 1Export agrees, subject to the payment of applicable fees, rates, and charges applicable upon the date of the acceptance by 1Export of the customer’s shipment to arrange for the transportation and delivery of the shipment.

1.2.1 1Export reserves the right to transport the shipment by any route, procedure, third party logistics providers, and by successive carriers, in accordance with its handling, storage and transportation methods.



2.1 The terms of the shipment are Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) or Delivered at Place (DAP).

2.2 The Customer agrees that the shipment may incur duties, taxes and/or other charges prior to its release by the destination country’s customs procedures.

2.3 The Customer shall be responsible for the packaging of the shipment and shall ensure that the shipment is packed in a manner suitable for transport, in accordance with the nature, weight, volume, etc. of the shipment.

2.4 The shipment is insured up to USD 100.00. Additional insurance in excess of USD 100.00 is available for an additional fee.


Obligations and Warranties of the Customer

3.1 The Customer warrants that all information declared in the packing list/waybill are true and correct, including but not limited to the names and address of the customer/shipper/consignee, declared value, and contents of the shipment.

3.2 The Customer warrants that it has complied with all applicable laws, including but no limited to tax, customs, export and import, data privacy and other applicable laws, rules and regulations.

3.3 The Customer warrants that the shipment does not contain any prohibited, hazardous, flammable, or unlawful items or materials, including all other items prohibited or restricted by law.

3.4 The Customer warrants its authority to accept these conditions on behalf of itself, as an agent, and on behalf of third parties who may otherwise be interested in the shipment.

3.5 The Customer warrants that delivery of the shipment to the intended recipient/consignee shall not contravene and laws, prohibitions, or restriction in the Philippines, as well as in the country of destination, as well as any country of transit.

3.6 The Customer understands that any misrepresentation of their items may result in denial of service, hold orders, seizure, destruction, or return, upon discretion of the destination country’s customs authorities.

3.7 In case of claims or dispute, the Customer agrees to follow and be governed by the claims settlement process of the nominated delivery courier.


Limitations of Service

4.1 1Export shall not accept shipment in the following cases:

The shipment contains prohibited goods or restricted goods;
The shipment contains goods without documentation, permits, licenses, or other supporting documents;
The shipment contains easily perishable goods;
The packaging for the shipment is not suitable or otherwise inadequate;
The Customer failed to provide complete and/or accurate details of the shipment in the waybill or packing list;
There is no available facility for the transportation of the shipment;
The weight or dimensions of the shipment exceeds limitations set by the nominated courier;
The value of the parcel exceeds limitations set by the nominated courier;
In case of failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions


Limitations of Liability

5.1 1Export’s liability for any and all services is strictly limited to direct loss and damage to a shipment, and in accordance with the limits set forth herein.

5.2 For lost or damaged shipments without declared value, 1Export’s liability shall be limited to refund of freight fee, regardless of the actual content of the shipment.

5.3 For lost or damaged shipments with declared value, 1Export’s liability shall be limited to the refund of freight charges, and the value declared in the Pro Forma/Commercial Invoice, regardless of the actual/declared content of the shipment.

5.4 All other types of damage, including but not limited to consequential damages, lost profit, income, interest, future business, whether direct or indirect, shall be excluded, regardless of whether the same has been declared to 1Export during the acceptance for shipment.

5.5 1Export shall not be liable for loss, damage, or delay arising from force majeure, acts of God, government authorities, and violation by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions.

5.6 All claims in relation to or arising out of the shipment must be filed in writing within fifteen (15) days from date of transaction; otherwise, the same shall be denied.