Your Guide to International Coffee Shipping

Your Guide to International Coffee Shipping

by Reigne Vera-Perez on Jun 20, 2024

Your Guide to International Coffee Shipping 🌎☕

The world is craving specialty coffee. The rise of home cafes, independent cafes and discerning coffee connoisseurs means demand for expertly roasted beans, unique blends and exotic origins are brewing strong.

International coffee shipping might seem like a daunting mountain of paperwork and logistics, but fear not, caffeine comrades! This friendly guide will equip you with the knowledge to get your beans into eager hands across oceans and borders.

Navigating the Customs Maze 🛃📦

Whether it be for personal shipments or business shipments, the first thing you need to do is to ensure your coffee bean products are certified and compliant, armed with all the proper paperwork.

For personal shipments, ShipIt recommends sending five bags or less of coffee; however, these coffee products must have a local FDA. A shortcut to know if a product is FDA approved locally is to check if the product is available in supermarkets or grocery stores in your local supermarket.

However, if you’ll be sending more than five bags of coffee abroad, there may be additional paperwork depending on the destination country.

Tips to Secure the Beans 🫘

There are a few ways that you can wrap your coffee beans.

First – you must package your beans securely. Besides the primary packaging of your product, secure your beans by wrapping them in a secondary packaging to prevent the primary packaging from getting damaged.

Check out this article to see what are some ways you can prevent your package from getting damaged: Securing the Bag: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Secondary Packaging

Second – make sure the box you are shipping your items in is packed securely. Utilizing all the space in your shipping box helps as every inch saved is a peso earned, and a happy shipping budget means more beans in those travel mugs across the globe.

ShipIt: Your Coffee-Shipping Fairy Godmother

Finding the best shipping rates can feel like a huge hurdle of complications, but fret no more! ShipIt washes all worries away with guaranteed, wallet-friendly rates. Our handy rate calculator takes the guesswork out of shipping costs, letting you focus on creating that next perfect roast.

We will also become your compliance besties, ensuring your coffee beans have all the necessary paperwork to clear through customs without a hitch. And finally, we prioritize speed and safety, so your beans reach their destination quickly.

Ready to Brew Up Some International Magic? 🪄☕

With these tips and ShipIt by your side, international coffee shipping becomes a smooth, delicious adventure. Imagine the joy of seeing your brand enjoyed in faraway cafes,and home cafes, the happy whispers of appreciation as your roast sparks conversations across cultures. Roast boldly, and share your coffee magic with the world.

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