Slash Shipping Costs: Your Cheat Sheet to Cheaper Sea Freight for Business

Slash Shipping Costs: Your Cheat Sheet to Cheaper Sea Freight for Business

by Reigne Vera-Perez on Jun 20, 2024

Freight shipping costs can feel like a punch to the gut. Confusing terms, hidden fees, and seasonal price swings – it's enough to make your head spin. This guide is your secret weapon for slashing those shipping costs and adding some extra bills in your pocket as a business.

Let's talk about timing: Just like airline tickets, freight rates fluctuate with the seasons. Your wallet's best friend is the Quiet Season (January – March). Think bulky furniture or that epic board game collection – they'll coast across the country for a fraction of the price during these months.

But what if your shipment gets caught in the Peak Season (August – October) frenzy? Don't sweat it! Early planning is your shield.

Next, consider your cargo: Not everything needs its own truck. If your shipment falls somewhere between "backpack" and "entire furniture store", LCL (Less-(than)-Container-Load) sea shipping is your new best friend. It's like carpooling for business packages, letting you share space with others and save some extra bucks by sharing container space with other business shipments.

Remember: Saving on freight is about being smart with your timing, understanding your shipping options, and playing the game to your advantage. With these tips in your toolkit, you'll conquer those shipping costs like a pro and send your packages with confidence.

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